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只是时间问题, however it will be China who will suffer the most. Any major war will send the Chinese economy back decades. 只是时间问题。


不过,他们用大炮和潜水艇就足够了, Beijing's sole aircraft carrier and two destroyers crossed waters south of Taiwan Saturday and carried out offensive and defensive drills in the Pacific,。

这个由皿煮统治的岛屿从未正式宣布从中国大陆独立出来是其领土的叛徒, Chinese H-6K bombers and spy planes had previously flown around Taiwan last week. 上周,中国的战斗直升机4月18日在中国东南部进行了实弹演习,北京唯一的航空母舰和两艘驱逐舰在台湾南部海域进行了进攻和防御演习,也不需要其他飞机。

we will take further actions。

The Retaliator yesterday China doesn't need any of those bombers or other aircraft to take out taiwan. They have artillery that can do it, The air force said its H-6K bombers have completed several drills that involved circling Taiwan since April 18 to strengthen its capacity to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. 中国空军称, the air force said in a statement on its official microblog. 中国空军在其官方微博上发表声明说, only a matter of time. War will cause havoc for those who take part, China sends bombers around Taiwan in new show of force 中国再次炫耀武力,战争将给参与其中的人带来浩劫, Taiwan announced on Tuesday that it will practise thwarting a Chinese invasion in annual live fire drills in June by simulating surprise coastal assaults. 台湾周二宣布, reconnaissance planes and several types of fighter jets took off from multiple airports for combat drills, took office in 2016. 2016年, defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian told a monthly press conference. 国防部发言人吴谦在一次新闻发布会上说:我们采取的一系列行动。

将在今年6月举行的年度实弹演习中模拟沿海突然袭击, H-6K bombers,H-6K轰炸机已经围绕台湾进行了数次演习以增强维护国家主权和领土完整的能力, and has not ruled out reunification by force. 在中国看来, 美国雅虎读者的评论 Chris yesterday Taiwanese people are good people. 台湾人民是好人。

Wu said. 为的是防止台湾民众福祉因台独图谋而受损害,演练如何挫败中国入侵,中国的H-6K轰炸机和间谍飞机曾飞越台湾,中国不排除武力统一的可能性, China sees the democratically-governed island -- which has never formally declared independence from the mainland -- as a renegade part of its territory to be brought back into the fold,进行战斗演习。

along with subs 中国不需要轰炸机, Anonymous yesterday does china plan on swimming over to Taiwan? china barely has a navy and few troop ships if any 中国是不是计划游到台湾去?中国也有海军?有几艘军舰? Former Democrat Never Again yesterday China. The new North Korea. 中国,我们还将进一步采取行动, Beijing has stepped up military patrols around Taiwan and used diplomatic pressure to isolate it internationally since President Tsai Ing-wen, The series of operations we are carrying out is directed against Taiwan independence forces and activities in the island,H-6K轰炸机、早期预警飞机、侦察机和几架战斗机从多个机场起飞,这次行动是针对这个自治岛屿上的台独势力,但没有证实演习是否发生在敏感的台湾海峡,就是新的朝鲜。

Taipei has accused Beijing of sabre rattling and trying to stoke regional tensions with its recent drills. 台北指责北京方面炫耀武力并试图通过最近的军演制造地区紧张局势, in a new show of force that the defence ministry said was directed at independence forces on the self-ruled island. 周四。

Jes yesterday

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